Send missionaries to the ends of the earth

Do your best to speed Zenas the lawyer and Apollos on their way; see that they lack nothing. – Titus 3:13

International Missions

Lloyd and Jan Chin.

Lloyd & Jan Chin

Lloyd and Jan Chin serve as International Ministries Director (IMD) for Africa. Their responsibility is in three areas: strategic planning, leadership development and organizational leadership. As IMD, some of what they are responsible for are: providing pastoral care, leadership and supervision for international workers in Africa; assuring that WorldVenture personnel in Africa are being cared for and challenged toward ongoing personal and professional development; addressing personnel and field crises in Africa; and calling and leading international workers in Africa to spiritual, relational, and organizational health. They also have some responsibility for recruiting needed workers and identifying new fields of service.

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Matt and Stacey Swanson.

Matt & Stacey Swanson

Matt and Stacey Swanson serve with Royal Servants, which is a ministry that takes high school and college students on summer mission trips to locations throughout the world, with an emphasis on discipleship and evangelism. Our mission is to make disciples who make disciples while spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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Tim and Niai.

Tim & Niai

Tim and Niai (joining 5 years afterwards) have served with Campus Outreach in Johannesburg, South Africa and Lusaka, Zambia for 14 years. One year ago he moved to Zambia praying the Lord would raise up a generation of Zambians who would come to faith, begin to grow as disciples and eventually give their lives in Zambia or as mobilized students to unreached people groups in Africa. They have 3 Children, Thandiwe, Naledi and Tumelo.

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Alex and Brittany Woods.

Alex & Brittany Woods

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Alex was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. He earned his B.S. in Psychology from Howard University in Washington, DC. At the conclusion of his Sophomore year, Alex decided to give his life to Christ, and at the start of his Junior year, he became part of Campus Outreach. There he began to be discipled and learned what it meant to make disciples. Alex has been on staff for six years now and is currently the campus director at Howard University. He is now married and is very excited to join the team in Lusaka, Zambia with his family! Brittany is a North Carolina native who credits the foundation of her faith to growing up in church from a young age, though it wasn't until her college years that she made the commitment to dedicate her life to Jesus. She worked for a season as a Corporate Educator before answering the Lord's call to vocational ministry through overseas missions. After living and serving for a year in Lima, Peru in Women's Prison Ministry, Brittany returned to the US and spent six years serving as an Educator and Recruiter for an international mission organization. Now married to Alex, Brittany is excited to join him in ministry, equipping Zambian disciples as they pursue God's global gospel work.

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Campus Missions

Enya McDaniels.

Enya McDaniels

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Enya was born in New York and raised in Conyers, GA. There, she came to faith in Christ through a friend’s Bible study in high school. She recently earned her B.S. in Psychology from Howard University in Washington, DC. During her freshman year of college, she became involved with Campus Outreach and began to be discipled. Through her time in CO she learned what it meant to be a disciple of Christ and to make more disciples. She is eager to begin her first year on staff this fall, serving as Women’s Campus Staff at Howard University!

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